What It Feels Like

November 18, 2016


In 2000, I had just moved to London and was busy finding my place in a fantastic city that made my feet ache and my heart soar. We had all just shed the papery skin of an old millennium and eagerly marked the new one and all that it promised. Then a man pointed and fired a gun at someone close […]

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No Space Between Us

May 3, 2016


Dear baby daughter By the time you read this and understand that I breast fed you for the first 10 months of your life, you’ll probably be a teenager and will wrinkle up your nose and pretend to vomit at the thought. And that’s OK. It will be weird to you. I thought it was […]

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Oh baby…

March 18, 2016


To all you mums out there, can I hug you?   Because a) I bet you haven’t been hugged in a while. And b) I don’t know how you did it. How you coped, cradled and pushed on day after day, night after night. How you slept upright holding your baby in your arms in […]

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Don’t Feed The Trolls

December 2, 2013


Think back to your childhood. Chances are, you had one. It might have been a class-mate, a little brother or a sly friend. A winder-upper. Someone who would launch a grenade and then stand back and watch the carnage. Now, we have social media and Professional Trolls. People who don’t just take pleasure in winding […]

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Coming To The UK?

August 1, 2013


I hadn’t even set foot on Romanian soil before I was accused of being a racist. On a plane bound for Bucharest, I started talking to the young man next to me. He asked me why I was going to Romania. “We’re making a documentary about whether Romanians and Bulgarians are going to…” He put […]

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Eighteen Punches and Not A Word

March 16, 2013


Just when I thought Heartless Bystander Stories couldn’t get any worse, I read about the ordeal of Prakash Patel, a bank worker in Manchester. He was travelling home on a tram after watching Manchester United play Fulham at Old Trafford in January. Passengers apparently stood by while the 56 year old was racially abused and […]

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Too Many Prawn Sandwiches

January 22, 2013


Sunday nights won’t be the same again. After this season Colin Murray will no longer present Match of the Day 2. He’s being replaced by Mark Chapman, longtime alumnus of BBC Sport and a brilliant all-rounder. But I’ll miss Colin. In the 1980s, people like Moira Stuart gave me hope that all sorts of people […]

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Rubbernecking The News

January 16, 2013


Like most of you I woke this morning to the news of the helicopter crash in London. Like many I turned to the TV and radio, and then realising that old media had been trumped by new media yet again, I turned to Twitter, to get the facts. What had happened? Where? Why? I got […]

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Act Your Age, Don’t Ask My Shoe Size

November 30, 2012


When I read the news for STV in Glasgow in the 1990s, like the other women who were on-screen, I would receive letters. Fan mail I suppose, although I cringe at the term. There was no Twitter to heap praise or abuse on people in nanoseconds. You weren’t compelled to post thrilling updates on Facebook. […]

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Malala’s Diary

November 15, 2012


Many of you wouldn’t have heard of Malala Yousafzai before she was shot by the Taliban in North-west Pakistan a little over a month ago. But many more of you, like me, will never have heard her voice. And when you do, it will stop you in your tracks. While recording a documentary on the […]

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